About Me

Dr. Lorna Caputo-Greenall

Hello, Gruezi, Bonjour, Ciao!

I am an educator, researcher and consultant in the area of childhood multilingualism in transnational contexts and inquiry-based learning. I am inspired on a daily basis by the young multilingual students and families I work with.

Since qualifying as a teacher nearly 20 years ago, I have been an active advocate for English as an additional language learners in mainstream education, and for the creation of programmes that support bi- and multilingual students to develop their languages in schools.

I regularly present at educational conferences, publish, and peer review for journals. My PhD research was influenced by sociolinguistics, psycholinguistics and clinical linguistics discussion, and focused on the typical and atypical language development of transnational multilingual children, and to what extent this group is at risk or over- and under-diagnosis for language disorders.

Peer Review Work

  • The Journal of Research in International Education is an international, peer-reviewed journal in international education for schools, examiners and higher education institutions throughout the world.

  • Emerald Publishing publishes mission led social science research that tackles key societal challenges aligned with the UN SDGs.

  • Journal of Second and Multiple Language Acquisition-JSMULA focuses on second language acquisition/learning theories, bringing forth new hypotheses related to the nature of second and multiple language acquisition and those which set bridges between language acquisition and other disciplines.

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